What Are the Environmental Benefits of Hiring Skip Bins?

You can hire a skip bin (metal container) or a skip bag (plastic bag) to have garbage from your home improvement project ferried away. Either receptacle has its own benefits so you should consider them before you decide on which one you rent. This article discusses the environmental benefits of hiring a skip bin:

The Skip is Made from Easily Recyclable Materials

Skip bins are made from metals like steel. These metals can be recycled when the bin reaches the end of its useful life so less energy will be used to mine raw materials to make new skip bins. The same cannot be said of skip bags.

Those bags are made from a variety of materials like plastic and nylon. These materials are very expensive to recycle since elaborate precautions must be taken to avoid polluting the environment during the recycling process.

For instance, care must be taken to avoid heating the plastics since that can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. It is therefore much easier to recycle a skip bin than it is to recycle a skip bag.

Lawns Are Not Affected

Skip bins have runners (extensions on which the bin rests) at their bottom. These runners allow liquids to flow out of the bin so that it does not rust. That runner also serves the effect of preserving the lawn where the bin has been placed. The lawn remains "breathing" since the skip bin is not sitting directly on it.

A skip bag, on the other hand, rests on the grass it is placed upon so that grass will dry if the skip bag is not removed within a few hours or a few days. It is therefore better to hire a skip bin since it serves an environmental role of having a minimal adverse effect on lawns.

Fewer Pick Up Trips

Skip bins are made in varying sizes and they can carry much more garbage than skip bags. Skip bags are smaller because the bag can tear if it is made to carry very heavy loads. Consequently, the garbage disposal company will make fewer trips picking up garbage in skip bins than garbage in skip bags. Each trip the garbage truck makes discharges greenhouse gases into the atmosphere so skip bins reduce these emissions by reducing the number of trips made.

As you can see, you are better off hiring a skip bin if you would like to preserve the environment or contacting a cheap bin hire for more information.