Skip Tipping: Five Tips to Help Your Skip Avoid Tipping Over

Skips are made to be safe and stable, but they do have a risk of tipping over. Luckily, it's easy to mitigate that risk with the right tips. Take a look at these tips to avoid skip tipping: 1. Assess the area before ordering your skip. When ordering your skip, keep in mind it needs to be on even ground. If you only have a small patch of even ground in your garden, measure it and consider getting a mini skip that fits there.

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Hiring Skip Bins?

You can hire a skip bin (metal container) or a skip bag (plastic bag) to have garbage from your home improvement project ferried away. Either receptacle has its own benefits so you should consider them before you decide on which one you rent. This article discusses the environmental benefits of hiring a skip bin: The Skip is Made from Easily Recyclable Materials Skip bins are made from metals like steel. These metals can be recycled when the bin reaches the end of its useful life so less energy will be used to mine raw materials to make new skip bins.