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Bin Hire: Some Common Reasons for the Extra Charges

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When you are ordering skip bins, skip bin rental firms will let you know what you are supposed to pay upfront. But what leads to the additional costs that you are sometimes asked to pay? Your rental company will only charge you extra when you have contravened the terms and conditions of service, which you consented to when entering a contract with them. If you want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of being asked to pay more than the agreed fixed price, here are a few important things you need to know. You can cancel your order for the delivery of a skip bin the same way you can cancel your hotel reservation. However, you may only do so inside of the allowable time prior to delivery of your bin. Otherwise, you will be charged a fine for late cancellation. If, for whatever reason, your service is unable to access your property for delivery or pick-up, and they are therefore forced to schedule for another drop-off or collection, you will have to pay for the inconvenience. This is because the service invests in driver time and fuel to make the trips to your location. You will be charged for any form of damage caused to the bin when it is in your care. Therefore, you should not move the bin from its original placement by yourself, as this could lead to scratches, dents, or other forms of physical wear. If you need to relocate the bin from its placement, make sure to inform your service about it so they can help you with the move. Also, do not burn any waste inside the bin because it will result in fire damage that the service will surely ask you to pay for. If you exceed the maximum weight allowed for your skip bin, you will be asked to pay a fee for the extra weight of materials put inside the container. This is particularly the case with construction debris, which typically contains heavy waste items such as concrete and soil. If you need to dispose of any unaccepted waste items, discuss it with your rental bin service provider. They can provide you specialised service or direct you to the people who can help you properly dispose of that kind of waste. Just don’t violate the terms and conditions you agreed to when ordering your bin. It could lead to costly...

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Five Tips for Maximising the Space in Your Skip Bin During a Home Renovation Project

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A skip bin can be invaluable if you are doing a home renovation project, but as you throw gypsum board, old carpet and other items into your skip, it may get full too quickly. Want to maximise the space in your skip so that you can fit in as much rubbish as possible? Then check out these tips. 1. Donate or give away anything useable. In most cases, during a home renovation, you will get rid of a lot of things that someone else may use. If possible, avoid putting those items into those skip. Instead, list them on a swap and trade site on the Internet, or create a “free” pile next to your skip for neighbours to use. 2. Recycle electronics and white goods. In most cases, you are not allowed to throw old electronics and white goods such as appliances in landfills. Because of that, you should arrange a recycler to pick up these items. It is required in most areas, and it helps free up space in your skip. 3. Put large items in the skip first. When you are filling a container, it is typically more effective to put in the large objects first. Then, they can find the space they need, and as you put in smaller items, they can fill in the spaces between your large items. When doing a home remodel, put old bathtubs, rolls of carpet or other large items in your skip first. Keep this in mind and adjust the flow of your renovation project accordingly as needed. 4. Break down items to make them smaller. It’s pretty hard to break down old bathtubs and rolls of carpet, but during your renovation, you will find other objects that can be broken down. Grab your hacksaw, ax or knife and make those objects smaller before you throw them in the skip. For example, if you remove a wall and you have a large piece of gypsum board, break it into smaller pieces so that it is easier to fit into your skip tightly. 5. Pour bagged rubbish directly into the skip. As you renovate, you will likely end up with a lot of bags of rubbish. If you want to maximise space, you should empty these bags of rubbish into your skip. Imagine you have a roll of carpet and a stack of old paving stones in your skip. When you throw in a whole bag of rubbish, it hits the carpet and paving stones and balances on top of them. As a result, the space between these two objects and beneath the bag is just wasted empty space. In contrast, if you empty the bag into the skip, all of the rubbish conveniently fits into the area between those two objects. That helps create extra space for more rubbish....

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Skip Tipping: Five Tips to Help Your Skip Avoid Tipping Over

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Skips are made to be safe and stable, but they do have a risk of tipping over. Luckily, it’s easy to mitigate that risk with the right tips. Take a look at these tips to avoid skip tipping: 1. Assess the area before ordering your skip. When ordering your skip, keep in mind it needs to be on even ground. If you only have a small patch of even ground in your garden, measure it and consider getting a mini skip that fits there. If you are worried about not having enough flat ground to accommodate a skip, talk with a professional skip company like McSkips about other options such as chaining part of your skip to an anchor in the ground so it cannot tip over. 2. Place the skip on even ground. When the skip hire company drops off the skip, make sure the driver places it on even ground. As long as you are working with a reputable skip hire company, you don’t usually have to worry about this element. The driver will simply handle it for you. However, if the skip doesn’t look even, stop the driver and ask him to fix it before you use it. 3. Load the skip through the door.  Most skips have doors in their sides. Instead of throwing items over the top of the skip, walk them in through the door. These are safer to use, as you don’t have to worry about potential back pain when lifting items over the sides, but they also offer another advantage — they let you see the rubbish you are loading so you can organise it more evenly. 4. Load the skip evenly. While walking in rubbish through the skip door, try to arrange it as evenly as possible based on its weight. Ideally, you should start with heavy items arranged in a row on the bottom of the skip. Then, you should put a row of medium weight items on top of that, followed by your lightest items. For example, if you were throwing out furniture, landscaping debris and rubbish bags full of leaves, you would line the bottom of the skip with furniture, stack the landscaping debris on top of that and finally add the rubbish bags of leaves. 5. Add a cover to the skip. So that passersby don’t add rubbish to the bin and unbalance its load, potentially making it tip, add a cover to your skip. You can hire a skip with a lid, or you can tie a tarp over the...

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What Are the Environmental Benefits of Hiring Skip Bins?

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You can hire a skip bin (metal container) or a skip bag (plastic bag) to have garbage from your home improvement project ferried away. Either receptacle has its own benefits so you should consider them before you decide on which one you rent. This article discusses the environmental benefits of hiring a skip bin: The Skip is Made from Easily Recyclable Materials Skip bins are made from metals like steel. These metals can be recycled when the bin reaches the end of its useful life so less energy will be used to mine raw materials to make new skip bins. The same cannot be said of skip bags. Those bags are made from a variety of materials like plastic and nylon. These materials are very expensive to recycle since elaborate precautions must be taken to avoid polluting the environment during the recycling process. For instance, care must be taken to avoid heating the plastics since that can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. It is therefore much easier to recycle a skip bin than it is to recycle a skip bag. Lawns Are Not Affected Skip bins have runners (extensions on which the bin rests) at their bottom. These runners allow liquids to flow out of the bin so that it does not rust. That runner also serves the effect of preserving the lawn where the bin has been placed. The lawn remains “breathing” since the skip bin is not sitting directly on it. A skip bag, on the other hand, rests on the grass it is placed upon so that grass will dry if the skip bag is not removed within a few hours or a few days. It is therefore better to hire a skip bin since it serves an environmental role of having a minimal adverse effect on lawns. Fewer Pick Up Trips Skip bins are made in varying sizes and they can carry much more garbage than skip bags. Skip bags are smaller because the bag can tear if it is made to carry very heavy loads. Consequently, the garbage disposal company will make fewer trips picking up garbage in skip bins than garbage in skip bags. Each trip the garbage truck makes discharges greenhouse gases into the atmosphere so skip bins reduce these emissions by reducing the number of trips made. As you can see, you are better off hiring a skip bin if you would like to preserve the environment or contacting a cheap bin hire for more...

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