Asbestos Removal – The Rules Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

While the majority of homeowners are aware of the dangers of asbestos exposure, not as many believe that they could be at risk of this contaminant in their own house. As a result, they will ignore the signs of the presence of asbestos or be unaware of what they need to do the moment they are suspicious of this pollutant in their house — or if they are certain of its presence. While intact asbestos may not be an immediate threat to you and your loved ones, the moment it becomes friable, it should be treated as an emergency. Whether you believe you have asbestos or not, here are a few of the rules that all homeowners should be aware of regarding asbestos removal.

Do call asbestos removal specialists immediately.

It can be tempting to try to scrape out the asbestos once you locate it, but you should never do this! Removing any asbestos in your home, even if it seems like a minor issue, is not a DIY chore. The first thing that you need to do if you are suspicious or certain about asbestos in your home is to call in professional abatement specialists since they are the best placed to handle this contaminant. The specialists will come and carry out a thorough investigation of your premises to ensure that all the asbestos on site is located and sealed off for abatement.

Do seek alternative accommodation.

Once the specialists arrive and confirm that you do require asbestos removal services, you need to evacuate the residence immediately. A misassumption some people make is thinking they only need to vacate the house temporarily and get back in after a few hours. The reality is that asbestos removal takes a considerable amount of time, so rather than linger on the property, it is best to book alternative accommodation as soon as possible. Moreover, do not leave any pets on -site either, since their health will be adversely affected if they are exposed to the friable asbestos particles.

Do alert your neighbours about the process.

One aspect of the asbestos removal process that a few people overlook is alerting their neighbours to the project in good time. Although your asbestos removal contractors will try their best to ensure that the contaminants inside the home do not pollute the surrounding environment, it is still best to let your neighbours know so that they can keep their pets and kids from wandering onto your property. Moreover, if all the houses in the neighbourhood were built around the same time, alerting your neighbours could convince them to have their own houses inspected for asbestos. A company like All Types Of Rubbish can tell you more.