Skip Tipping: Five Tips to Help Your Skip Avoid Tipping Over

Skips are made to be safe and stable, but they do have a risk of tipping over. Luckily, it's easy to mitigate that risk with the right tips. Take a look at these tips to avoid skip tipping:

1. Assess the area before ordering your skip.

When ordering your skip, keep in mind it needs to be on even ground. If you only have a small patch of even ground in your garden, measure it and consider getting a mini skip that fits there.

If you are worried about not having enough flat ground to accommodate a skip, talk with a professional skip company like McSkips about other options such as chaining part of your skip to an anchor in the ground so it cannot tip over.

2. Place the skip on even ground.

When the skip hire company drops off the skip, make sure the driver places it on even ground. As long as you are working with a reputable skip hire company, you don't usually have to worry about this element. The driver will simply handle it for you. However, if the skip doesn't look even, stop the driver and ask him to fix it before you use it.

3. Load the skip through the door.

 Most skips have doors in their sides. Instead of throwing items over the top of the skip, walk them in through the door. These are safer to use, as you don't have to worry about potential back pain when lifting items over the sides, but they also offer another advantage -- they let you see the rubbish you are loading so you can organise it more evenly.

4. Load the skip evenly.

While walking in rubbish through the skip door, try to arrange it as evenly as possible based on its weight. Ideally, you should start with heavy items arranged in a row on the bottom of the skip. Then, you should put a row of medium weight items on top of that, followed by your lightest items.

For example, if you were throwing out furniture, landscaping debris and rubbish bags full of leaves, you would line the bottom of the skip with furniture, stack the landscaping debris on top of that and finally add the rubbish bags of leaves.

5. Add a cover to the skip.

So that passersby don't add rubbish to the bin and unbalance its load, potentially making it tip, add a cover to your skip. You can hire a skip with a lid, or you can tie a tarp over the top.