Bin Hire: Some Common Reasons for the Extra Charges

When you are ordering skip bins, skip bin rental firms will let you know what you are supposed to pay upfront. But what leads to the additional costs that you are sometimes asked to pay? Your rental company will only charge you extra when you have contravened the terms and conditions of service, which you consented to when entering a contract with them.

If you want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of being asked to pay more than the agreed fixed price, here are a few important things you need to know.

You can cancel your order for the delivery of a skip bin the same way you can cancel your hotel reservation. However, you may only do so inside of the allowable time prior to delivery of your bin. Otherwise, you will be charged a fine for late cancellation.

If, for whatever reason, your service is unable to access your property for delivery or pick-up, and they are therefore forced to schedule for another drop-off or collection, you will have to pay for the inconvenience. This is because the service invests in driver time and fuel to make the trips to your location.

You will be charged for any form of damage caused to the bin when it is in your care. Therefore, you should not move the bin from its original placement by yourself, as this could lead to scratches, dents, or other forms of physical wear. If you need to relocate the bin from its placement, make sure to inform your service about it so they can help you with the move. Also, do not burn any waste inside the bin because it will result in fire damage that the service will surely ask you to pay for.

If you exceed the maximum weight allowed for your skip bin, you will be asked to pay a fee for the extra weight of materials put inside the container. This is particularly the case with construction debris, which typically contains heavy waste items such as concrete and soil.

If you need to dispose of any unaccepted waste items, discuss it with your rental bin service provider. They can provide you specialised service or direct you to the people who can help you properly dispose of that kind of waste. Just don't violate the terms and conditions you agreed to when ordering your bin. It could lead to costly consequences.